Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Holonomic Model For Trancedance

Video of the Sacred Day Ceremony
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Alchemical Ceremony
In this age of mass communication our deepest fears are mirrored and continually projected into our daily lives by extensive media feedback fed through the human psyche via literature, films and round the clock news. Infiltrating our dream states and referencing archetypal; reference points within the morphogenetic field. Thus the consensus fabric of fear based reality is woven by our very thought processes. Our pathological compliance with this reality can be traced back to the modification of our genetic coding and a disturbance with the genetic resonance of the solar system now resultant in our inability to translate the full spectrum of light.

The rectification of the global human predicament cannot be achieved by direct action. You cannot affect the fountain of life by disturbing its waters. You must adjust the fountainhead from which this life springs. To fight for freedom is to embody the struggle.

Humanities advancement in the area of technology, medicine, space travel and genetics is a superficial achievement when you consider over 90 wars rage across our planet, that it is in the grip of a petrochemical addiction which overrides all other allegiances and agendas. Many thousands die of starvation every hour, genocide is perpetrated across the globe without the intervention of the United Nations. Mothers sell their children into slavery, women are stoned to death for exposing more than their eyes. This all goes well beyond, political, social and economic decay.

This is our world. This is not happening to another species on another world. It is taking place a short plane ride away. The fulfillment of our comfort zones has no meaning beyond the quenching of needs, are one of illusion and addiction.

The economic structure of the West is a farce that requires our pathological obedience. The floodgates that separate us from our brothers and sisters in war torn countries, are held back by time alone. As the relentless march of ecocide makes a mockery of the emergence ecological harmonic technology. Shadows dance with the light.

Humanities struggle to maintain it's balance, teetering on the chasm created by the polarization, with a foot in both worlds. Is the way forward to take up arms against this sea of madness? You may as well pray that leaves do not fall this autumn. Peace cannot be written into the equation of human rights it must begin in the heart.

In this age of deep and transformative power the quiet revolution of the new urban shaman springs from internal evolution from the redefinition of self that breaks the confines of political, historic racial and religious suppression. The redefinition of self derived from a well-spring of genetic material that spells out the masterpiece of the human design. Nothing less than the resurrection of the human genetic code will break the consensus spell of our dualistic perception and the dimension that is its mirror manifestation.

Our experience of this yes-no, good-bad, light-dark, hot-cold, laugh-cry, roller coaster sensations that we call life is a series of frequency transmissions and resonant response patterns. Patterns dictated by the stimulus response mechanism of this dualistic paradigm. Due to our genetically modified physicality our biological receptors, transducers, and transmitters are not only in sympathy with this paradigm, they are creating it. In order to break of of this morphogenetic prison we must call upon and employ the alchemy that brought us into being.

We simply need to rediscover who we are and resurrect that potential, not only in hearts and minds but tangibly in that one true instrument of light and love that we own; our bodies.

Ceremony, meditation is the solution that exists outside of the problem. Our analytical skills evolved from a brain that 4/5th's which is inactive. Thus to psychoanalyze our problems is utilize a solution that exists at the level of the problem. Rather than engage in processes that thrust you time and again into the trauma vortex, stirring you further into the turbulent waters of your insane conflict, enter into a higher vibration of healing that honors you as a magnificent masterpiece of impeccable human design. And allows you to move gracefully into a state of original innocence.

Resonant with the transformational age of Aquarius, this higher frequency form of healing is alchemical ceremony. Using sacred geometry allows the forming of holistic intelligence that invoke the resonance and neuro-response within the cerebral cortex. Our powerful brain chemistry is created that unfetters the intellect from its dogmatic space-time parameters and opens a gateway into a limitless continuum.

Ceremony honors us on every level and reaches deeper than psychological analysis. Unless we are impressed on all levels, the realization of our perfection is only temporary and we revert to the dis-ease of our conditioning.